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Our Incredible Team
Nathanael and Christina DeSota

Nathanael and Christina and their four children (Caleb, Collin, Curtice, and Cate) live and work on the Farm. Nathanael is the Business Director for the farm and both Christina and Nathanael manage our equine operations, 4H Club, Day Camps and all else that goes on around here :)

Without their expertise and service, Simple Times would be unable to function. Nathanael and Christina have been married since 1997 and are actively involved in both the community and their church, Hadley Community.

They both really enjoy working with horses and young people and they love using horses as a tool to have fun with and reach out to youth of all ages. Nathanael & Christina are also well versed in western pleasure and all around western riding and enjoy giving lessons and training at the farm!

Call Nathanael @ 810-874-6543

Call Christina @ 810-238-9872

Collin DeSota (Junior Trainer)

Collin DeSota, is our junior trainer, and is working diligently to make training and working with horses and students a full time vocation. He enjoys working with horses and our younger students and everybody that meets him loves his personality, especially the way he engages and works with kids. He wins ribbons everywhere he goes with his horse and would love to help your younger students become great riders as well!! 

Ethan and Vanessa DeSota

Ethan and Vanessa DeSota are currently living in the Boston area but are still of vital importance to the farm. Ethan functions as the farm visionary while Vanessa serves by keeping the financials under wraps.

The DeSota's are overjoyed to see the farm becoming a place of hope and training for many youth and families. They are available to come speak at your church or organization on a variety of topics while promoting the mission of Simple Times Farm.

Ethan is a gifted speaker and communicator with a calling to build men, marriages, and families. Contact the farm to see how this couple can encourage and train you and your organization.

Call Ethan @ 810-874-6463

Call Vanessa @ 810-394-2998

Gerald & Jean Runde

Gerald & Jean Runde are Christina's parents. Gerald retired in 2016 after over 40 years in law enforcement. After retirement they sold their home in the Bay City area in order to be near their only daughter and moved down to the farm. Gerald does most of the lawn maintenance, trail upkeep and expansion, gardening, etc. that you see around the farm. You may not see him in the barn as much but you can almost always find him in the greenhouse or near a tractor :) Jean, Gerald's wife, does much around the house and you will find her walking the farm dogs multiple times a day around the trails. They love people and you will always find a smile when you see them!!


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